People Becoming More Anxious, Why?

People Becoming More Anxious, Why?

People Becoming More Anxious, Why?

Are people becoming more anxious now than ever before?
If so, why?

The answer is yes. More and more people in this moderns days are becoming increasingly nervous in comparison to the previous times. There are certain factors that have led to this prognosis, one of them being the economy.

In North America specifically in the United States of America for example where anxiety disorder numbers are so high, that it’s becoming more difficult to feel happy about life. With reference to the data accumulated by the Census Bureau, it is a 10% less in the average income of the U.S people since the beginning of the year 2008 downturn. Some experts believe that the financial crisis was due for the trauma and anxiety for millions of people of North Americans, same as the happenings of 9-11. While many people feared the next terrorist attack expected to happen back then, they are presently suffering  intense existential apprehension for their future life.

It is secure to say that the financial economic unpredictability has taken a cost on the mental health of the American  people. In the past, it was pretended that the older the people are, the greater the chances are for them to get an anxiety disorder. This is due being the build-up of health problem, financial stresses, losses and outstanding life changes. Some surveys even recommended that from every five older adults, one experience from anxiety symptoms that needed some kind of treatment. Summate to psychological reasons, the usual medical- physiological  disorders in older people can be directly relate for the anxiety they experience and there include neurological relate illnesses, hormone and thyroid issues and heart disease. Seniors take several different  medication prescriptions which can also help to create anxiety disorder due to the side effects of the prescriptions drugs.

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Recently was this theory proved incorrect. Now, the younger people is the most affected by anxiety disorders. It is predicted by the ADAA (Anxiety Disorders Association of America) that over 40 million people in the United.States alone. experience  anxiety disorders established on the purchase of the prescription drugs. People believed that when you get a good education, you would get a good job but the true is, young people are uncertain about finding a good high paying job, debts are going up, and they have to work while studying, finishing later, more exhausted and for some them even with families to take care while still studying , all these can create a great deal of stress.

So in many ways, this present times are more anxiety-ridden and stressful than the previous times. The whole society has also be part in the supply to the rise of anxiety cases over the past years. The new generation has always been told that they can be whatever they want to be, they can  get the big job, have the gigantic bank account, and for the females, they can have the “perfect body”. This is a big task for a single young person’s  shoulder and in the most cases, the claims aren’t really authentic . The gap create great anxiety for everyone  and major fear of failure.

The economy and society will continue to play a major role in our lives which is sad because it only means that anxiety cases will continue to increase.

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